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Kim obviously remembers to do things in a timely manner.

How's My Driving!

Dick is one of my favorite muses so I'd like to know if there are any problems with my characterization or if I'm extremely and utterly Out of Character, here is where you should tell me!

Comments will not be screened.

Anon is on, HOWEVER I would appreciate if you comment with your character journals. This gives me the chance to go back to any of our threads and review them. But if you are uncomfortable doing so, then Anon away.

Constructive criticism by the way. Any comments that I find unhelpful will be ignored.

Note: I usually always reply to critique with my stand on things or defending my position. However, I do keep critique in mind, so I am not trying to disregard the criticism in anyway. Thank you. :)
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I am going to be honest. I haven't read up all Dick's canon, and probably won't be reading all of it for awhile. I'm slowly trying to get through it all, but it's still quite a bit and I don't know if I'll ever get everything under my belt

I'm going to probably fail at parts of his canon at some point or another.

If I've messed up somewhere, please tell me here! It'll be greatly appreciated if you can even tell me what issues from where I should read up to get a better understanding of the relationship between our characters, or what information that I've missed.

I'll do my best to stay up to date and to catch up with older things that I've missed, but don't hesitate to call me out on something so I can fix it!



Jun. 12th, 2012 02:54 pm
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Player Information

Name: Kim
Age: 20
AIM SN: xsmokinbombx
Plurk: RakuRanger

A_Facility Information

Housing: Doctor House #6
Tenants: Richard Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne
Deaths: Three
Arrival: April 2011
Note: This information only applies to [community profile] a_facility and is not applicable to any other game.

Character Information

Canon Source: DC Comics/Batman and Robin
Canon Format: Comic Books
Character's Name: Richard "Dick" John Grayson(Batman)
Age: Roughly 26
Character History:
DC Wikia
Batman Wikia

First link is probably the most in-depth. Second and third link is less informative then the first, but a good source. Fourth link is a general history and has the least available information to Dick's history.

Abilities and Weapons )

Personality )
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*Note: Please indicate what game you're from in the subject header.

Public Number: Dick Grayson

You've reached Dick's cellphone. If you're getting this message, I can't answer the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and have a nice day!

Private Number: Batman

Talk now. [It's quick before you hear the beep. Better start talking.]
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Backtagging: Of course!
Threadhopping: I'm completely fine with this.
Fourthwalling: If Game rules allow fourthwalling, then I don't mind. Please refrain otherwise.
Offensive subjects: I'm probably fine with it, but if you're unsure, feel free to ask!

Hugging this character: He loves hugging jfc. Never say no to hugs.
Kissing this character: Sure, why not. Every DC chick has probably kissed him without his consent anyways.
Flirting with this character: Unless you're extremely obvious and blatant about it, he might miss it. But flirting is a-ok!
Romantic interest toward this character: Sure! He might not be interested back, but he's also a huge people person so who knows.

Fighting with this character: He's a vigilante. Go for it, he'll defend himself. Quite well too.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I am always cool with this. Because I am terrible.
Killing this character: Please run it by me and ask first. I'll probably say yes though. Because I am terrible. :T
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure. If we're going to any extremities, run it by me?
Revealing that character's future or intended fate in the games: Sure, but he probably won't believe you? Or deny it being true.
Warnings: None as of yet.
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[Continuation log from a NSFW meme AU. Locked to [ profile] batmansphoenix]

[He isn't sure what exactly happened between leaving the classroom that day and the next morning. Only that he had somehow ended up getting so horridly sick that even the front office lady sounded concerned when he called in about needing a substitute. He had barely called in for work, usually being extremely healthy and quite good at avoiding getting sick, so him being bedridden was a shock to himself.

Still, the nice sudden break from being at school and teaching was nice. That, and being able to sleep a good portion of the day was good.

And who was he kidding, he wasn't sure what to make of what was going on between him and Jason. He, of course, was happy to oblige to the partnership. But he still wondered just exactly how things would work. It wasn't like he couldn't deal with staying professional during school hours, but he couldn't see how this relationship would affect the teen. It wasn't exactly healthy. And he didn't want to subject the other to a relationship that had a high chance of caving in on itself.

Maybe the fact that he would't be in class for a few days were good. Jason would be able to think perhaps, and if it ended as a fluke, Dick wouldn't mind. At least he didn't mind if it meant Jason being happier with someone else. But he couldn't be selfish about it right?

God why is he thinking this, he needs more sleep. Hopefully the substitute got all his lesson plans.]
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It would be Batman. :|
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List of Memories available for Memory Swap Week(Week 130)

-Canon Memories-

Canon Memories )

-A_Facility Memories-

A_Facility Memories )
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Log to keep track of all the activity done in A_Facility.


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